Dog Breed: Coton de Tuléar
Group: Companion and Toy Dogs Origin: Madagascar, Tulear village Size: Shoulder height 26 - 32 cm Weight: 4 - 6.5 kilos Appearance: healthy and strong,even though they are in small size.The head looks very round because of the coverage of the long rich hair.The black nose is short,narrow and round.The eyes are usually black,dark brown and deep set.The ears are high set,hanging,small,long and fluffy the tail is low set and and carried over the back when in motion or excited,relaxed otherwise. Coat: Long, heavy hairs, fluffy and silky. The name of Coton (cotton ball or cotton flower) refers to the fluffy, soft back. Without undercoat. Colors: White; with or without champagne-colored badge; black and white. Some are allowed to quitfarbene or yellowish shades. Many Cotons have biscuit-colored ears. Engineering: The Coton is a rugged, willing to learn and could be very loyal to their owner.  they love to run and be vigilant, but not a barker.they get strikes if they stay too long  alone.
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Coton de Tulear
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